Monday 07 November 2011

No-Movember (aka November)

There are some people talking part in the ‘Movember’ activity at work. For the uninitiated this involves growing a moustache throughout November – while generally being sponsored to do so and raising money for prostate cancer charities. Now I am bang-up for anything that raises money for charity. And when I say ‘I am bang-up for..’ I mean I have no problem with it happening. I have no wish to be involved myself. As usual it is the ‘other people’ element of it – it being something people know about as a trendy thing and people thinking it is wacky (NB when something is generally accepted in society as something which it is ok to do – and there are organizations and for which there are instructions – it is not wacky or extrovert). Which is a shame because I love twattish facial hair.

And it’s like taking over the language. Some woman described a lad as having ‘a cracking Movember going on’. No – he’s got a moustache. Movember is the compound of moustache and November used to describe the month people grow a moustache. The moustaches grown in Movember are still moustaches; maybe ‘Movember moustaches’ I will agree; but definitely not simply ‘Movembers’.

My point was meant to be this: I think it’s a fairly decent thing to do, even better when you factor in making money/publicising charities. However, when something becomes popular in the sense of people just going along with it because it’s what people do, I immediately shy away from (become revolted by) said activity. I think I might be a bit judgemental of normal/boring people doing stuff to be momentarily wacky – before reverting to type. I could get all wanky and talk about the history of Carnevale and historic South American festivals where social hierarchies were abandoned*/inverted but I won’t. It would just be me pretentiously trying to talk my way around being a miserable bastard who gets annoyed by the slightest little thing. Also see: Comic Relief (” I might be a bank manager 364 days a year but today I am dressed as a schoolgirl in bath of beans”. Fuck off).

But, seriously, if you’re doing Movember – good for you.

*I do remember some things from University.

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