Sunday 06 November 2011

Fresh Meat

This week has seen me give in to the tumultuous peer pressure and watch Fresh Meat. Given the recommendations to watch the show have come from a wide variety of friends/people on Twitter I was expecting great things.’s just alright isn’t it? I mean I like it. I think it’s certainly a decent show. I must do, I have watched seven episodes of it in a week. I think it’s a grower and characters I wasn’t sure about early doors have definitely grown on me. The first few episodes had a different feel; maybe the change in feel of the show is why I have grown to like the characters more. It started as more of a comedy and then has got a bit more comedy-drama. Certainly episodes about student protests and losing a parent/horse* as the series has gone on have been the ones where I have engaged with the show more; it also hasn’t lost a sense of comedy while getting ‘deeper’.

But I am still surprised people have been raving about it (people raving about it = one friend texting me asking if I am watching it & two people I know saying it’s excellent on Twitter). I guess this is the weight of expectation though – without three people I like going on about it relentlessly (one text, two maybe three tweets over a fortnight) may be I am only judging it against the ridiculously high expectations bestowed upon it (example, the text from my mate ASKED ME IF I HAD SEEN IT)…it is no wonder some TV shows are cancelled in this kind of post-millennial social networking frenzy.

In many ways this could be me being bitter though: as it’s nearly the show Bridge House could have been (remember? from when I did my run down of ten ideas I never did anything about). Ok, maybe it isn’t exactly the same idea but I undoubtedly would have had an hilariously oafish posh guy in it – though I probably would have done a rather two-dimensional one and not one with hidden depths like the one in Fresh Meat.  That said mine had a gay lad in it making it refreshingly alternative, though Fresh Meat has a black girl like Bridge House meaning I clearly have some kind of legal case for ripping me off. They only have a black girl (who is clearly not going to be as messed up as she is making out, making her outrage at the posh girl pretending not to be posh hypocritical). I cant figure out if J.P. or the fat Scottish lad is my favourite yet.  It does give the lad out of Inbetweeners chance to show his range though; he is nothing like he is in that show. Nothing.

*actual horse – not the opiate, heroin.

Apollo 18

I watched Apollo 18 this afternoon. This was to be another example of something not living up to the hype (see today’s blog, re: Fresh Meat). Again the hype was relentless and involved my eyes seeing the trailer and thinking it looked like a great film and then my brain thinking about it a couple of times in the last couple of months. Yet it is this same brain which now watched the film (using images processed by my eyes and made in to sense by the rest of my visual cortex and brain) and thought it was okay but could have been better. It’s one of those films that’s supposedly edited footage of something real and then edited by someone. When it works, Cloverfield, it really works* but it can prevent some important narrative elements or make it so they have to be levered in. Apollo 18 might just have worked better as a more traditional horror sci-fi. Then again I might not have been interested in it had it not had this cinéma vérité style.

Any which way you look at it it is almost entirely the fault of Hollywood’s hype machine that my day was entirely ruined by only ‘quite enjoying’ this 90-minute film.

*slight bias: Cloverfield is a personal favourite.

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