Thursday 06 December 2012

Stuart Hall, Max Clifford? After revelations about Jimmy Salvile broke earlier this year it seems like an endless run of people who did look a bit weird/sinister being charged with believable crimes. If anything it all seems to be suggesting that maybe we CAN judge odd balls by their covers. Because everyone knows that being charged with something – or in the case of Salvile being accused of things while dead –  is as good as being found guilty of it. Hall, Clifford and Salvile weren’t the same kind of oddball but they were all shameless self-publicists (and in the case of Clifford shameless publicist of others too).

I had a cigarette stood near Hall a couple of years ago. True story. He didn’t seem to be doing anything wrong right then. And I’d be happy  – if summonsed – to testify to this to a court of law. I definitely don’t want to be part of some guilty man getting away with something, but you have to stick to what you have seen with your own eyes. That is that I saw Hall smoke a cigarette outside some restaurant in Hale or somewhere like that just over two years ago. What a vicious defence or prosecution lawyer would do to try and bamboozle me is another story – all I am saying is that that I wouldn’t be a hostile witness and would hope to not be treated as such.

The truth – in the cold, harsh light of day – is that I am unlikely to be called to be part of any court case relating to charges brought against Hall for crimes allegedly committed in 1970s.

When it first came out yesterday I had a bit of a mini-rant about how all these investigations seem to be focussing on was arresting some old celebrities who had questionable liaisons in the seventies with 15-year-olds. I don’t think that it is OK that someone to get away with stuff, any stuff that hurt/hurts people and more importantly breaks any laws. It just looks like the bigger horrible things about institutional abuse of vulnerable children has been lost in all the celebrity shit. But that’s just what I am reading about, of course. And it is all rotten. And then today I found out that the allegations included one by someone who was nine and if that is true then it very clearly isn’t a case of something that isn wholly quite fucking wrong.

Let’s just get everyone who has done a sex crime is probably the best way to deal with it. Which I think is the policy of the Police and the legal system. So, as we were then.

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