Saturday 23 May 2015

Ignoring things is a lot easier than getting annoyed by them, especially when you can’t do anything about them.

People aren’t going to stop watching the Eurovision Song Contest because I don’t like it. They aren’t going to stop having fancy dress parties watching it because I get annoyed by such things.

So, how could I remove it from my life once a year? All the answers to this question seem to involve a lot of effort.

For example, I could become a ridiculously media baron and cancel it. But really, am I going to do that? I am generally too busy/tired/fat to watch a TV series to the end on Netflix. Being powerful enough to own enough media to cancel the Eurovision Song Contest doesn’t seem like something I am going to be able to do easily. And even then would I want to deny so many people the pleasure they get from it?

The other obvious route seems  to be to create something interesting and more attractive – TO EVERYONE – than the Eurovision Song Contest. And there would be enough to occupy everyone every day all year around, so there was no room for the Eurovision Song Contest. I understand why people shorten it to Eurovision now, it’s boring writing it all every time. Eurovision Song Contest and Chilli Con Carne, full phrases haunting the nation as spectre’s of a time when people had the respect in something to say its full name.

This latter option, creating 9000 hours worth of entertainment a year that would fulfill everyone more than the Eurovision Song Contest (I am not giving up on its full name) seems just as hard work as becoming the most important media baron in the world. I would suggest it’s probably a harder task, as between all the media barons in the world they aren’t producing 9000 hours of entertainment better than the Eurovision Song Contest now.

That 9000 hours is just based on each hour having something more interesting than the Eurovision Song Contest. Annoyingly people have different tastes, admittedly not that different, so you might have to do even more. When you start to look at it you understand why everything is so crushingly rubbish.

As well as my earlier realisation that my annoyance won’t stop other people liking something, perhaps I should have more understanding of why utter pigshit like Gogglebox manages to remain ‘TV gold’ for those watching normal people watch TV is something to get excited about. Oh but a middle-aged person from Birmingham saying the clearly annoying thing about a popular TV show amuses me because I find it annoying also. Good for you.

Anyway, I can’t think of another way to stop this all invading my timelines for a few days a year so I am just going to try and avoid it a bit. Worked OK this year. Just not looking at things proves easier than being a ridiculously powerful media bastard or an endlessly creative entertainment make. Who knew?

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