Monday 04 May 2015

There has been a context within which all my rhetoric around not voting Labour at this May’s General Election. The context is that I was always going to vote for Labour.

I don’t mean that I have been trying to convince anyone of anything that is untrue. I am aware my political insights are as likely to influence someone’s vote as Nick Clegg’s are…POLITICAL HUMOUR. I think I believed myself. It is savvy advice to never trust me, though.

There is also another bit of what frustrates me about Labour that I am as guilty of as I accuse them of being (and it’s not appallingly constructed syntax). It really pisses me off that it seems it is more about the tories being shit and not having them than it does Labour being good. But the tories not being in is pretty fucking important to what I want for the country.

I really fucking hate Cameron. I don’t really feel this needs explanation – he stands for lots of what I dislike about the human race.

I just feel sorry for Clegg. He has the air of someone whose partner has cheated on them but, despite being the wronged party, has begged the adulterer to stay with them and then puts on a mask of happiness. Not sure about this imagery reading it back.

I abhor Farage. I am not a racist – so I am not going to agree with his one policy. I am fed up to the back teeth of seeing him in fucking pubs. We all know he’s not going to be Prime Minister. But his party are going to get a decent slice of the country’s vote. And all he fucking does is stand in pubs, pulling pints. With a media circus lapping it up. The media can fuck themselves on Farage, yeah me and the media nearly fell out for good on this one.

Being disappointed by Miliband doesn’t seem that bad in comparison. I have pretty high standards. And he’s stopped disappointing me so much. That said: I think he has been a pretty weak leader in opposition against a coalition offering him lots of ammunition.

So, what do I believe? I believe the Labour party is standing for something important to me. I believe that Labour in power will look to help make the country a better place for people to live.

I believe that the Labour party will do something about the disparity and unfairness that exists between the rich and the poor. Do I think they will end it? Do I think the system will be reversed overnight? No. The thing about rich people who own everything and have all the money is: they’re pretty powerful.

I believe that Labour’s vision for the NHS is not rhetoric; it’s not soundbites masking plans to privatise and rip apart the most magnificent and beautiful thing a government ever gave its people.

I believe Labour is not going to fuck over the weak and the needy in society. This is pretty important to yours truly. Ending things that have been introduced that impact on those who need help – not punishment – is vital to a society. I’m talking your bedroom taxes, cuts to welfare for disabled people: the kind of shit some bastards hold up as part of austerity while letting the vulgarly-rich sponge the life out of the country.

My issues with party politics have been around a growing disillusion that there wasn’t enough of a difference between the parties. And, while not contradictory – but somewhat at odds, that the difference between the parties and the electoral system means a government isn’t a reflection of the people.

Well I do think Labour is different enough from the tories. And I do fucking hate them guys. And they hate Labour – which means Labour is doing something right, right? And Rupert Murdoch and The Daily Mail (and that vile woman), they all hate Milliband and Labour. That’s got to be a good sign.

And, yes, while it’s focussing on a negative, which I think is mainly a poor thing, NOT Conservative is pretty important. In fact vital for the country.

Is this greater need dragging me back to something, Labour, rather than voting for something else? Well I have thought about voting Green. Not quite so recently and not quite so passionately as I have ever thought about voting Labour.

Do I see the futility in constantly voting within the confines of the main party system – while wondering if there is a better answer? Well, no. Do I yearn for something a bit more socialist than the modern Labour party? Yes. But I accept the world is a different place. And it needs modifying to be fairer and better.

And I want to see what Miliband will do to make this country fairer and better. And I don’t want to see it disintegrated by someone lining the pockets of the rich with the pocket lining created by the suffering of the poor. Metaphors on social imbalance aren’t my strong point.

So. Vote Labour. That’s my suggestion.

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