Sunday 26 April 2015

I’ve been decidedly undecided about where I felt I was politically in recent times. I resigned my membership of the Labour Party last year. A lot of that was down to my feelings for the leader of the party. Recently, however, he has started to feel like someone who could win an election. This has been helped by David Cameron increasingly feel like someone who can’t win an election  – though that doesn’t stop him being Prime Minister, am I right?

With Miliband I feel like I am falling for hustings? Is Milliband playing someone with a backbone? Am I seeing what I want to see?

He is definitely one from the leaders I want to be Prime Minister. But the others are David Cameron and Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg. Ah, Phil – there’s one of those that has no chance of being Prime Minister. Yes, you’re right Nigel Farage will not be PM (Haha! You thought I was doing a joke didn’t you? Well in your face.)

Though he won’t be moving into number ten Downing Road he is undoubtedly someone who has created a stir. People are surprised by other people voting for UKIP/Nigel Farage. Are you kidding me? Did you see people? I wouldn’t be surprised if a hairclip was doing well in the polls. A racist hairclip that claimed immigrants were to blame for everything. If had the ability to clip hair which should surely rank it one use above a middle aged xenophobe laughing at bars for photographers.

This morning on Radio 4 there was a SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD voting for UKIP. Surely all their voters are 40+ and wishing for racism of the 1970s into which they were born? She was from Hull mind. And cited UKIP’s loyalty to a Christian Britain as the main reason for her vote. Because of their almost constant quoting of Christian values? Love thy neighbour etc. Also when did the other parties not have Christian values as something they said?

I mean here I do have a slight  issue: I don’t really feel like any of them represent what I want a government to be. That’s pretty fundamentally NOT one wants from the aspiring political parties in a general election.

Despite feeling like this I also – hypocritically* – think that it’s a bit reductive to complain about them all being the same. I mean: one of them is red and the other one is blue. Also one of the right-wing ones seems like an ignorable idiot who will go away if everyone stops pointing their fucking cameras and microphones at him. And the other one is Nigel Farage. #political (see I did the earlier not bluff, making this bluff an even bigger and better great joke – of that there is no doubt.

I’ve said it before – and I’ll say it again: the partisan nature of electioneering does nothing to help me think party politics is something nurturing society. It’s obsessed with looking at the shortcomings and failures of opponents. It’s also very backward-looking. I have a good idea; Well what about that unrelated good idea from 10 years ago? Is it like that one? I don’t think it worked out too well; Oh you mean like your idea about something from a similarly pointless time period ago? Because I am not sure I liked how that one turned out. Etc.

It would be quite nice if one of them just said, “our policy on Education is the same as their policy, mainly as it’s really good and we just want the best thing for the country – it would seem counterintuitive to come up with something inferior just to differentiate ourselves. That said their ideas on tax are wank – like their ones from 1956, know what I mean?”

They’re not going to. They are going to carry on being obsessed with each other and not being obsessed with the future of the country. Maybe it would be better if there was one big coalition incorporating elements of governance for which each party had a strength. Happily, this would mean there would be no place for Nigel and his real ale.

I’m not sure why I bother thinking about it. There is something depressingly predictable about voting for Labour. I think a lot of people are like that, they vote like they support a football team: blindly and without accepting challenge from outside – but constantly complaining about their allegiance to those who share it.

I also don’t see the point in constantly pointing out the shortcomings of something I am fundamentally different – if not opposed – to. Again, I find something depressing about telling people who think like me something that will elicit their agreement.

A ridiculous amount of my social media timelines are taken up by people talking about how odious Nigel Farage is or how evil that cunt woman is, the one who is somehow a celebrity to say vile things. Other than us all knowing we hate them, so not needing to convince anyone of that – they, certainly her, exist solely to make people angry and make people click on the link to the latest bile her hate-gland has seeped into society’s outrage pit. And now I am even writing about her in a blog about voting – admittedly while supposing some air of superiority by not using her name.

Fuck it. Vote for someone, anything**.

*if you can’t be a hypocrite when talking about politicians when can you? Right kids?
**apart from Conservative or UKIP. Or the nasty race one.

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