Sunday 18 January 2015

This weekend I have made three discoveries.

I am pretty certain I knew one of them already, is it a discovery when it’s something remembered? (part of me wanted to write re-remembered then! Madness, this is definitely the first time I have remembered it).

One of them made me sad. One of them was quite surprising, or perhaps a surprise that I didn’t know it, given that it hardly proved to be a revelation.

So here are the three things:

  1. The woman who played the female version of Lister, in a parallel universe episode of Red Dwarf (series 2, cunningly titled Parallel Universe) was both married to Craig Charles and is the mother of his daughter. That’s still not the thing, the thing is that this is not true. Cathy Tyson, from Mona Lisa, is the former wife and child-maker of Charles.
  2. Mein Kampf is a relatively successful self-help type book in India.
  3. My son does not like bubble bath.

The third was a very traumatic discovery tonight. He had been a bit upset when bubble bath was tried previously. This was put down to other circumstances (an off Broadway musical he co-wrote got some terrible reviews). But it is definitely the bubble bath/foam.

I held a little bit up for him and his tiny and was shaking as he nearly touched it before crying. At this point I nearly burned the bubble bath container as an act of war. But I didn’t. It is most disconcerting. He is a big fan of the bath experience. I am a big fan of him liking it, due to my schedule his bath is the one thing I own. Thus, him not liking the baths makes me sad.

I would have put money on him liking bubble baths. Somewhat agreeing with the tinpot firm who denied us a mortgage based on my gambling activity. I might see if William Hill will still take the bet. How will they know I know? I could put £500 on him not liking bubble baths. Any takers?

He loves baths and likes everything and being happy. So, what’s this all about I ask you? I DEMAND ANSWERS

I don’t know where to go with this Mein Kampf thing. I guess it shows that context is really, really important. The documentary I listened to, and subsequent things I read, suggested world history is not so well taught in some parts of India. And that Hitler’s Germany were helping repel the British from India. So (are they saying) some people in India might see AH as this plucky underdog who went from being in prison to being in a war (but just being in a war – not being like the worst person out of all the wars, which is some statement) and then dying.

I guess it shows how important people knowing history is. You can be never sure of what’s really true on the internet but I read a couple of things from the last few years and they were about how Hitler is kind of a likeable reference/brand in India. There were pictures of shops called Hitler and everything. I am not making this up. I found it all very odd.

And the first one doesn’t really need an explanation does it? It was just a mistaken thought. Get over it.

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