Thursday 01 January 2015

There are some things that I am wildly excited about in 2015…*new phone in autumn klaxon*. I can’t say I am wildly excited about the general election dominating the country for the next five months.

I am not going to talk about him because all I read is people talking about how much they hate him. I hate him too! Let’s all not vote for his party and then we’ll be fine. Ignore him. How bad is it that I’m not talking about David Cameron? David Cameron is not the worst person who could, and you say could about him and hope it’s wildly cautious, be having parcels delivered to 10 Downing Street as the resident (rather than say Nick Clegg having some books from Amazon there because he’s fed up of having to rearrange deliveries*).

I don’t want to start sounding all Russell Brand. I think it’s important you vote. And her. And him. And them. All vote. Vote for things you believe in. Vote for what will make society stronger. Vote for what will save your job. Vote for what you want. But try and not be smug about it. Try and not tell everyone who isn’t voting for it that they are definitely wrong about everything.

If people want an actual debate/conversation then this is great. Let it happen. Go forth and converse. What most people want you to do is just listen to them tell you why they are right about everything. They don’t want to answer questions that contradict this. They don’t want to hear about another viewpoint that is the polar opposite.

So much time and energy is wasted by everyone doing everything because so few people accept that other people are different and want different things and are entitled to do so. I am as guilty as the next person. I want to hopefully look out for me and mine and then think of what is best for society. Some people want to get tax breaks on their £4 million salary and think the NHS is a drain on society. Quite a lot of these people are intelligent and understand everything. They are just selfish and intolerant of any notion of a broader set of ideals than buying their own island.

But people having polar opinions and refusing to compromise never achieved anything.

My original point was? Yes, him. And there’s a her too – you know the one. She’s not UKIP but she’s Uclick. She’s a professional bastard. You know the one. Stands for nothing other than superiority over everyone. But him and her. They are both awful. And so many people, so many good people, spend hours getting wound up by them and laughing at what idiots they are. THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT. THEY WANT YOUR GANDERS UP.

They are unable to get attention and acclaim by being good so he says everything is immigrants being a drain and she agrees and adds that rape is the fault of poor women or something similarly villainous. NO-ONE can seriously have the opinions she has. Sadly, people are full of hate and want to blame people. So they think they agree with her and her attack on the ‘loony left’.  And people think he’s making politics. When he’s making ill judged xenophobic rhetoric by mixing together the contents of the BNP and Tory dustbins and shouting the random gibberish to the 95 hours a day media coverage he is being offered.

I am pretty sure the BBC think its helping hoist him on his own petard. But the BBC thought everyone was laughing at Alf Garnett when there was clearly a lot of people nodding along without even thinking satire was occurring.

Maybe you should just piss in Russell Brand’s tea rather than vote.

*A particularly poor example is this, it relies on a notion that Nick Clegg is normally at 10 Downing Street. I get the impression he is sometimes there waiting and being told that Mr Cameron isn’t there – even though he definitely is there because poor old Nick can hear the Prime Minister laughing loudly about someone who doesn’t know he’s being laughed about (and being glad it’s not him).

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