Friday 28 November 2014

I missed something about Black Friday. It was a South Park episode about people being mental. And a thing where some things were cheaper on Amazon. And then I woke up this morning to be told there had been riots in branches of Tescos over some TVs.

Like most people I instantly needed to know the derivation of the phrase ‘Black Friday’. Well, no, like a loser I needed to know the derivation of the phrase – most people were hitting each other in the face to get 20% of the RRP of a Samsung flat screen.

It’s quite old y’know. Like OLDER THAN ME. Coming from the 70s. The black bit comes from it being when a lot of companies stop being in the red, that’s debt kids, into being in the black, that’s trading at a profit condescension fans. The friday bit comes from the identification of the phenomena by the respected Seattle economist Dr Eileen Friday. No, just fucking with you: it’s because it’s a Friday.

Regardless of knowing the genesis of its meaning, it now seems to another thing to be depressed about the state of the human race. And of course something to feel superior about. Before you try to out-moral me, it’s not fucking people working nine jobs getting mad and hitting each other. It’s greedy bastards who already have TVs who want more TVs/to put TVs on eBay. It’s always greedy people/people wanting something for nothing. The desperate people were at work, probably on a zero hours contract for a security firm at a Black Friday riot.

OK? I am going to feel superior to the people rioting at Tescos over LED TVs. Judge me bitches.

So, I know from when and where the phrase originates in an actual sense. But in real terms it hasn’t really been a thing in England for much more than a couple of years. And then it’s this…it’s the people fighting thing. I’m quite a fan of capitalism (on the sly) but it doesn’t half sicken me at times.

What is the need for this? Did Christmas shopping really need kickstarting? Were people forgetting to buy Christmas shopping? Are people spending more money on Christmas shopping by buying heavily reduced things  at the end of November?

No-one is doing anything to make more opportunities to save money for the consumer. It is all about making money. And yet it is being treated as some great new holiday-type experience. Well it can fuck off, fuck off you hear me? I had to QUEUE to get on a WEBSITE today. What next? People sleeping in the street to access their own computer on Boxing Day?

It would be a better thing all around if it was a celebration of Roger Black.

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