Tuesday 07 October 2014

The New York Bakery Company listens to their customers. The idiots. What do people know? PEOPLE KNOW NOTHING.

A few months back they started selling the bagels pre-sliced, or sliced. The pre-prefix isn’t really necessary…sliced? when was it sliced? After? No, we all knew it was sliced before now.

This was brilliant. Who wouldn’t think this was a great idea? Did you ever ruin a bagel by slicing it badly? I think most people have done this. So having the risk of this taken away is great.

Even if you are someone who is great at slicing bagels, by the way – good for you, then this is maintaining the same level of good baked product slicing. You couldn’t be annoyed at the bagels no longer needing slicing, could you?

Well I picked up a pack of bagels at the supermarket to be told that the bagels were now back to not being pre-sliced (sliced) based on customer feedback. No-one asked me.

They just asked these big-headed arrogant pricks able to slice all their bagels perfectly. I suppose they might not be perfect slicers of bagels, they might just be very good at accepting their mistakes. I am OK at accepting mistakes (I am not) but I just happen to like a bagel sliced evenly.

In short the New York Bread Company has made a big mistake by classifying their big none-mistake as a mistake. Can I say it more none-complicatedly than that? The phrase is ‘the best thing sliced bread’ for a reason.

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