Friday 03 October 2014

Continuing my odyssey in space exploration exploration….. You’ll be amazed that for something important that happened in the middle of last century it was all done by white men.

There wasn’t an American woman in space until the 1980s. Men, dogs, chimps and then women. There was even a woman in command of a space flight before the end of the century – in 1999. That’s the Americans of course. There was a Russian woman in space in 1963. Workers unite indeed.

But before we start patting comrades on the back, the half-century since that happened hasn’t meant their society is some egalitarian utopia (where has that been said about Russia before?).ย This Russian astronaut asked about how she was going to look after her hair in space.

Much like the race to the moon, the race to be as sexist as possible is not a race in which the Americans are to be left behind.

I watched this video of an astronaut on the space station being interviewed by some numbert from an American TV show. How does she raise her children while she’s in space? What EXTRA dad duties is her husband doing while she is in space? They might as well ask:ย How does she have her period in space? How would she find a man in space if she were single? Her hair does look fucking amazing, mind.

In other words question no-one gives a fuck about when they are speaking to a male astronaut.

In summary: rocket scientists are no better than anyone else when it comes equality.

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