Friday 26 September 2014

Ian Poulter received criticism for tweeting about his nanny being downgraded (this happened some weeks ago but I only know about it because of excessive nanny based jokes on the Ryder Cup coverage on social media), leaving his wife to cope with their four children. Apparently he doesn’t live in the real world/hasn’t respect for those who do.

Of course he doesn’t. He’s a multi-millionaire international sports star. Why the fuck would he live like a normal person? He would be a real dick if he lived in the real world.

And why shouldn’t he be pissed off at a ticket he paid a lot of money for being downgraded? Should he not get he paid for because he is super-rich? What’s the cut off point for being able to be annoyed about things you pay for?

And who the fuck gets to have a go at his wife because he wants her to get some peace and quiet on a flight? Maybe she doesn’t fly so good and takes it out on the kids by cutting them with glass. Is it her fault she’s not on minimum wage with eight kids?

The worst thing about people who are out of touch is when they try and (a) say they aren’t out of touch (b) defend their position. You are out of touch. We can’t touch you. Don’t apologise for it. It demeans us all.

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