Friday 19 September 2014

People ask for democracy, democracy doesn’t give them what they want, people claim people who want something else are idiots, people questions democracy/smash up the place they live.

Maybe sometimes it is better to avoid these difficult conversations (95% of managers where I work are right after all).

And democracy doesn’t seem to satisfy a lot of people – normally just less than half.

When you have two, or more, points in a political forum it becomes more about belittling the opposition than having something to say. At best a lot of individuals/parties have a couple of weak points that morons fall for and no real ideas about anything of importance. Yes, it was about UKIP.

And democracy isn’t questioned until someone loses. It’s brilliant that there’s a referendum when Scotland gets to tell England to get to (tae) fuck. But it’s not fair and the BBC has rigged it, when the no result comes in. No-one seems to consider that a lot of people considered their options and then thought they weren’t sold on independence as they didn’t really have a lot of answers about how it would work. No, they were just idiots, cowards and people lacking backbones.

I didn’t have a foot in any camp. That’s to say I had a foot in the don’t care camp. Yes or no was not going to break my heart or make my day. So, I am not complaining about this system – or, indeed, heralded it when I say that perhaps nothing works.

Humans are a bunch of cretins. But even the ones that aren’t can’t make any system work. Every society going has given up on countless ideologies. Is that not proof that it just doesn’t work? As a species we are unable to design a system that keeps everyone happy.

Democracy, then, is one of many make-dos we have. It accepts not everyone has the same opinion and says that we will just have to accept going with what most people want, or don’t want, is the only way to move forward. Which people won’t accept and just bleat on about the system.

So long as more than half of the people think democracy is OK then we will be OK. People bleating on about the system not working tend to be blissfully simplistic (stoned) or emotionally motivated (drunk). Both refuse to engage with a system based on an ideology that both refuses to accept that it cannot become empowered outside the system – and thinks it is intellectually superior, despite not grasping this axiom.

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