Friday 22 August 2014

I think I am probably just a bit too young to properly appreciate Kate Bush in the way that some people a little older than me can. I’m exactly the kind of person who should be a big fan (pretentious, superior, wanker) is probably the reason I’m not one of those people who has ever stated how amazing Kate Bush is.

I do think she is quite good. 

I don’t think she is weird. I think you’re meant to think she is weird. My memories of Kate Bush-ness as a concept were just of someone who did music on Top of The Pops. Same bunch as Bananarama and Elaine Paige. 

I am sure she was very different from all her contemporaries. The BBC4 documentary about her tells me how amazing she was tonight. While I enjoy the documentary, it doesn’t help me think that there isn’t something more pretentious about the appreciation of Kate Bush than there is about the Kate Bush.

Can someone who does interpretive dance be unpretentious? I don’t think they can. By the terms of what non-pretentious people define pretentious things. Interpretive dance is as pretentious  as pronouncing a foreign word the way it is pronounced in its mother tongue or allowing ethics to be a level in your decision making process.

Pretentious or not one thing I can say about my childhood appreciation of Kate Bush, other than me not thinking she was zany/pretentious/leftfield, is that it was innocent enough not to be shallow about her. Because, and let’s make no bones about this, she is fucking beautiful. 

The beautiful innocence of childhood eh? Not everyone was abused by a celebrity who grew up in the 80s you know.


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