Sunday 27 July 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 21.44.20

Sometimes I struggle to see where this guy is coming from. Sure, there is a semi-knowing reference to the lack of impact this status has on the world but it’s still not something I can get on board with.

I am almost certain he is almost certainly annoyed by all the posts being made on Twitter and Facebook about how appalled people are about what’s going on in Gaza and how the Palestinians have been butchered by the Israeli onslaught. Yes, he is annoyed by this (I guess). Why would he be annoyed?

Here is the rub: he is annoyed because lots of people are what? Talking about something of great importance and international significance – a mass perpetration of injustice, no less. So what if there statuses will achieve nothing? Will his supposedly witty remarks about Luis Suarez change anything? Are the pictures of his son making the world a better place (I mean, yes: they are obv.)? Are his comments about Coronation Street doing anything for anyone?

If we’re going to defend the rotund ball of fuck then it might be to say that it looks like his real frustration is that despite everyone in the entire world thinking that evil is being done, nothing is being done. Holding out for peace in this situation seems (a) to be something people are prepared to wait a lot longer for when oil isn’t central (b) something there is more patience for when America is in bed with the ones doing the evil, and (c) something that is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN unless the people being terrorised just go “OK, we’ll give up – you can have what you want.”

But, even so…he probably should just not have said it in this way. Must do better.

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