Saturday 05 July 2014

Tour [in]difference.

The play on words is mainly all I have to go at.

OK. It’s not. I am a bit indifferent to The Tour De France. And I don’t want to be.

I am certainly not anti-professional cycling. I’m just not that interested in watching it on television. I have done. And try to get into the TDF every year. It just never really sticks.

Sure people are all being ‘I’m talking about the Tour De France’ but it’s not the Olympics. The people who’ve talked about it are either people who talk to me about cycling (the Tour de France) every year or they live in Harrogate.

Oddly for me I am not even annoyed at these Harrogate people going a bit mental about it. I think people should be going a bit mental about it. People should be lining the streets. It’s the Tour de fucking France. I love top level sport. If I didn’t have a four-month-old son who I only see for two full days a week I would be all over trying to go and watch the tour this weekend.

And when I say watch the tour this weekend I obviously mean spending time and effort to get to Yorkshire so I could drink cans/pints of lager while getting a bit giddy about being in the midst of top level sport without really paying attention to it and taking pictures to post on social media.

It is a good pun though eh?

I maybe jinxed Cav’ though eh?

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 11.32.18

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