Wednesday 02 July 2014

There are easy ways to make everyone’s existence shitter. One of the easiest ways is to blame other people for everything.

We were told to take Woodrow for some jabs at 14.06 to a clinic at our GPs. We get there early, I/we are like that. We are seen at three o’clock. The intervening hour or so has seen us mainly try to keep Woody awake as he’s tired and we don’t want him being stabbed while asleep.

It’s also warm. Oh and he’s hungry. Neither of these two issues are the fault of anyone at the surgery. My partner asks if they know how long it will be for our turn when we are still waiting after 45 minutes. We are after the next person in. They say it’s because the clinic was cancelled last week. Why didn’t they say there would be a long wait when we signed in? 

I try not to get too annoyed as I’ve got an increasingly upset 4-month-old and an anxious mother who knows he needs food (from her tits). But that’s not hard is it? (the bit about the receptionist telling us about the delay – not the breastfeeding). Isn’t that a little bit of sense and decency.

We eventually get in and a doctor stabs each of his thighs. He cries but calms down quite quickly, he’s a bloody good egg.

I can’t not say anything. Rather than shout about a disgrace I ask if I can give some feedback. I point out that I’m not looking to criticise an individual but that we were asked to be here a long time before we were seen and that no-one said anything about the potential delay. And no-one has apologised.

If the doctor says to me here that she’s sorry if there has been any distress and that they’ll try and make sure the reception tell people in future that there are long waits then I’d accept that. Fucking tories, I’d think, ruining the NHS. She doesn’t say that though. She says it’s a drop in session and that it’s not about appointments. Only we received a letter with a date and a time (a time so ridiculously precise to accept that it’s academic seems cruel), I say, so it FEELS like an appointment.

The nurse adds that they don’t send the letter out. OK. OK. Well can you feed it back to someone?

I am not sure they will feed it back to anyone.

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