Saturday 22 March 2014

There’s generally the cause or the effect getting the blame. Some might blame both but a lot of the time someone is blaming one of them.

I blame The Daily Mail for being a horrible paper/website (more the latter). I hate it. It annoys me that it is so popular. It annoys me that it is so full of none-stories, obsessing on celebrity and perpetrating some horrible ideologies as ‘the norm’.

Note: pictures of women, normally being judged in some way, are not news. And shouldn’t be of interest. The idea that because someone wants to be famous for singing/acting means that they are fair game to be photographed in normal closed accompanied by a ‘story’ with a narrative about how bad they look is what? It doesn’t feel like either journalism or entertainment to me.

Rather than get annoyed at everyone for liking it I choose to get annoyed at the website. That’s slightly inaccurate as I do get annoyed at the people. Apparently getting annoyed at people makes me an idiot though. Ideally there’d have been a hyperlink there to an article where someone said about how having a go at people for feeding TDM views wasn’t something you should do. My point would only be mildly interesting as a rebuttal to the points about why it’s OK to like TDM. But I can’t remember them or find the article.

Great entry.

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