Thursday 20 March 2014

Writing these when I am so far behind is just becoming odd. I am not interested in what I was doing on 20 March* so how would anyone else be? At least some vague notion of contemporaneousness adds a deodorant-spray-sized appeal to the blogs #delusional.

The magic app on my iPhone that tells me what I was thinking (ie what I was tweeting about – I don’t think something and not tweet it) about was people doing the facebook pictures of themselves without their make-up. That was less than two months ago!

It feels like it was something that happened in the mid-90s.

I am hanging on to sustaining one a day but failing and falling further behind. My son is just a month and a day old on the date of this blog where as in real life we are staring down him being three months old. I might go and listen to Cats in the Cradle.

*of course I am interested in what I was doing on the 2o March, I have to say stuff like this to remain – yes remain – cool and aloof.

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