Wednesday 19 March 2014

Tonight there is an image used by the Conservative party. It’s a derogatory campaign with a message that ‘hard working people’ should be happy with the budget cuts on bingo and beer. Because all hard working people like bingo and beer.

Patronising. That’s what they call it. Twitter is outraged. The CONSERVATIVE party have been patronising to ‘normal people’. It’s not a good thing, but is it really a surprise?

It’s not quite ‘let them eat cake’ but it’s just a modern day social media similarquivalent. It’s a word*.

The thing with the outrage on Twitter – and a lot of outrage generally – is that the people being outraged are talking to other people with the same ideologies, endorsing these same/similar ideologies. Does that have a great deal of value?

And are people who think they poster/campaign isn’t dismissive of any area of society going to change their mind because of the outrage? Unlikely, because anyone thinking that would probably be a fucking plum – and thus not going to be swayed by a minimal crest of righteousness. But because they are fucking plums they might get pleasure out of the righteous being irked.

End result for the tories is that they lose no support and amuse themselves. End result for the outraged: expelled energy and scorn in a self-contained system powered by its own self importance.

*It’s not a word – I admit it.

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