Tuesday 18 March 2014

There is a simple flaw to politics. It’s bollocks.

Politics, or at least democratic party politics as we know it is fundamentally flawed – because it involves people and people are wanking idiots.

When we’re restoring democracy to some of the countries we ‘liberate’ it is worth remembering this.

People want different things. I am one of these annoying socialist liberals. Equality and the greater good and all that fucking bullshit. Even though my fundamental ideology suggests equality and better things for everyone, who am I to say that it’s a better system than one that makes the rich get richer on the back of the poor?

The problem with the ‘more politicised’ someone becomes is that they become more focussed on proving that they’re right in their beliefs. Which is laudable only it means saying that the other people are wrong. There is no accepting that both views are valid – or maybe even more than two (what??) views are valid.

Everyone votes and the one there are more of gets to do the stuff. So even if a whole lot of people don’t want to do something it gets done. Sometimes that thing could be something that needs to happen one way or the other. But sometimes it’s something that doesn’t need to happen that happens.

But it’s more that people want to get things the way THEY think they should be – rather than the way that would be best for everyone, taking into account that different people want different things. And as intimated earlier this opinion on the meta-rightness is open to disagreement. 

Of course nothing would happen if we had to wait for everyone to agree that something was the right thing to do and that’s why we have this democracy thing. And I have to buy into it because it’s the system so I want the ones I broadly agree with the most to win the fights.

I think what I am fundamentally failing to say is that politicians spend that much time talking about the faults of the people who think differently to themselves that it almost seems like they don’t care about what is good for people – as long as they stop the thing the other people want to happen.

I’m hardly a political expert but I know that when I do see politicians in action (Question Time, snippet of House of Commons on news) that I see a lot of arseholes shouting ‘boooooooo’ when someone who plays for the other team say something. Or if they’re being more refined they are blaming the other team for whatever it is neither side are actually saying how they will solve whatever it is they’re carping about.

That said, I am a member of a political party and I’d rather them win the matches than the other ones who I like less.

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