Monday 10 March 2014

There was an EDL documentary on BBC3 tonight. I am not sure what the part of it was. I think part of the message was that there are people behind these bigoted views. Which is surely not a surprise to most people. I hate racist people but I am well aware that it is unlikely that they live in a vacuum of love and humanity.

One of the main narratives was about a woman who was the victim of a physical attack. I don’t know if we were meant to question the distaste we might feel for a woman because she had been the victim of a violent crime*.

Then there was a girl who was starting a relationship with a lad and she invited him on an EDL rally on about their fifth date. She said he had taken the news well but then phoned her and broke it off.

I’ve never really had a major secret to lay on someone at the start of a relationship but I can’t imagine the way that comes up. Perhaps I could live it. If this girl had told me she was a racist I would have just got up and walked off. Fair dos, mind, there’s not way I would have been on a date with her.

I could see me letting it go with someone like Victoria Coren, though**.

*I can’t tell a lie, it’s been about five or six weeks and I can barely remember it; I remember she made an effort for her first day in court and because someone questioned her – I think it was probably the opposition in the case whose job it is to make her look bad – she decided to not make an effort anymore. That’s what has stayed with me. Go figure.

**Hypothetical – I am quite sure VC is not racist.

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