Thursday 06 March 2014

Anyone who questions the internet has any use – let’s pretend this kind of person exists so that I can make a point – should visit Wikipedia’s page that lists horse accidents. Is there a finer justification of mankind’s existence than this?

Unsurprisingly the list of accidents involving horses in horse racing is quite big. It seems to include some jockeys being thrown from their horse – and not just fatalities. Seems like it should be a bigger list if just being thrown is a category.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 23.40.49

William III died after his horse tripped on a molehill. How poor were horses at the time that the king had a horse that couldn’t get past a molehill? Or was it an amazing horse with one molehill shaped weakness? The horse’s achilles heel if you will.

Plenty of them seem particularly freakish in their nature. You can kind of come to terms with ‘fell off horse and got trampled’ as a cause of death. Fulk of Jerusalem (I know, we all get bored of hearing about Fulk of Jerusalem) died after falling off his horse and being struck by his wooden saddle; King Alexander III of Scotland fell off a cliff in the dark – did people not look after royals in the past?; Saborios (disambiguation: the Byzantine general – THAT Saborios) hit his head on the sign after his horse bolted. And then died.

Lists like this on Wikipedia are gloriously inconsistent. Many list the cause of death as you might expect. However the geography seems to be enough for this one,

  • Afonso, Prince of Portugal (b. 1475) died in 1491 during a ride near the Tagus river.

Is the horse involved at all in this death? Seems odd to include it if not. Seems odd not to mention it if it was.

The biggest revelation for me was that two characters die in Gone with the Wind from horse falls. God rest their souls. It’s put me off watching GWTW you know…it hasn’t really, I had no intention of ever watching it.

Yes, today’s blog has been brought to you my me being a month behind and needing to catch up.

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