Tuesday 25 February 2014

We live next to a library and they are going…

OK. I am writing something that isn’t about my new baby. Well bloody well sue me. Here’s the problem: I am playing catch up with these blogs and every day I don’t catch up with them prolongs me being behind and therefore I can’t remember what I was thinking about on the day when I catch up to it.

And looking back all I can pick out of the haze is things about WAB to talk about. And – being frank and fair – he’s kind of all I’ve thought about for 90% of the time he’s been alive. [Other 10% mainly football, maybe 6%; 2% films & TV, 1% food and 1% women’s tits.]

Part of this library is pretty much a community centre and they’re ramping that up and relaunching it. It’s a good thing. They’re going to rename it as part of this. They want to call it the fucking Hub. Not ‘the fucking hub’, the ‘fucking’ is my interjection. They want to call it the Hub.

There’s a special kind of creativity that takes an original idea and completely stomps it into the ground with repetition and overkill. Somewhere in  a meeting eighteen months ago someone suggested calling something a hub, a collection of ideas, a website, a room, a something. Since this point A MILLION people a day have thought “I need a name for something, even if the word hub is appropriate on no level I will call my thing the hub.”

Hubs are the new clouds.

Everything is now called a hub. A hub is the middle of a bike wheel or a bus terminal. There was room for a few other things to be called a hub on some figurative level. The word hub has now been completely ruined for everyone. If your web platform is something you call a hub and you don’t get how unoriginal it is then you need to wake up and smell the generic naming conventions of the 2014 internet.

You will all be calling everything something different in a few months: “Oh yeah we launched our new hub space but we call it an online allotment now”; “we are proud to unveil the replacement to the hub intranet – the bean tin.”

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