Tuesday 18 February 2014

Regardless of my pompous nouveau riche words via the microblogging service Twitter there is real disillusion regarding seeing this queue. I saw a similar queue yesterday. I imagine not all the people in each queue were the same people. But they were both made up of students.

It is true that I don’t think I would have stood in a queue for half an hour to save £5. But I might have just done it because I was bored. I often stood in line for quite a while at the library to get books out I would return at later date, without having read them and owing a small fine because I’d had them out too long. (On at least one occasion I purposefully accrued a fine out of sheer malice knowing I had one of three copies of a book about 50 people were after.)

In EXACTLY the kind of ‘booze!! lolz!! booze!!’ attitude that I would watch burn, if you could watch figurative burning, one of the main things that I couldn’t understand was that they were queuing past a pub. What are they doing with their lives? Queuing past a pub for a free very small pizza. These modern students need to get their priorities in order. If this is what gigantic student fees have done to these poor bastards then everyone was right: We are right (they said, then).

I don’t just stand about to get annoyed by people (anymore). I was waiting for someone in Subway, the service in there seemed to somehow be slowed down by the large queue for Domino’s. I got disproportionately annoyed by this small group.

I was possibly, only possibly, harsh when I described them as cunts. They were definitely cunts though. Just move on…they weren’t waiting for someone in Subway. They weren’t waiting for anyone. I know when some people are waiting for people and these people were not waiting for people. OK?

Just stood having (what I have to assume to be) an horrendously dull conversation. Not being concerned that they were in the way on a pavement already crowded with people queuing for free pizza. They were the kind of people who take loads of bites of a pizza slice. If you’re eating a personal Domino’s you’re taking the piss if you have more than three bites per slice. These were doing about TEN BITES per slice. Cunts.

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