Monday 17 February 2014

I think people are getting a bit fed up of seeing me come into work now*.

I know I am getting fed up of confirming that, indeed my child has not yet been born.

“I didn’t expect to see you today,” they said, “have you still not had it?”

“Yes, I had my first child yesterday and I thought I would come into work today and act as though nothing had happened. Who wants a cup of tea?”

I realise it’s just phatic communication but I don’t like phatic communication. I do appreciate the irony of discussing how I have disdain for language with no meaning in my daily blog. So, if you noticed that I wouldn’t go patting yourself on the back. Equally, I wouldn’t stop let it stop you sneering at me. Go for it.

I must be getting desperate to see this baby, people also tell me. Well, yes. And….not so much no…but I am not exactly complaining about sleeping last night. This baby is coming, I just don’t feel the guilt in being OK with waiting a few more days before not sleeping for four days. I do feel for my partner who is very ready to emit a human being – but I don’t have all the physical symptoms she has.

*Surely this occurred a few days after you started working there? LOLZ.

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