Sunday 16 February 2014

The BAFTAs are all well and good but they’re a bit lets-give-people-in-the-film-industry-an-award-for-being-the-best-at-a-certain-role-in-films for my liking.

Stephen Fry didn’t mind making a couple of jokes about slavery. You can get away with a lot more if you are Stephen Fry. If Danny Dyer had said he wished it had been 24 years of slavery so it had been twice as long then people would have been all like, “Danny Dyer was a bit out of order for saying that. I mean I get that he doesn’t really mean that he wishes slavery was even lengthier than it had been and he just means that the film was good but it’s kind of off. I mean what if he had said it would have been better if the holocaust has been twice as long so Schindler’s List would have lasted longer?”

Fry also made a joke at the beginning about people not going on too much thanking everyone in their acceptance speeches. But almost everyone did go on a bit in their speeches and he never pulled anyone up on it.

I don’t want to have a big downer on Fry here.. but I suppose I should add that I really didn’t think his beard was up to much. I am not questioning his status as a national institution or anything. He just had a couple of bum notes tonight. And his beard looked a bit shit.

I don’t know what he would have to do to stop being a national institution. I don’t mean like murdering some people: that would of course ruin him as a national institution. I mean what would be borderline? What if like badly beat up Hugh Laurie? Properly badly – not so Laurie’s life was in balance but bad enough that you would wince when you looked at the pictures. I think maybe he would come back from that after a short while.

I think if he was a dick on Graham Norton, though, it would be too much for the general public. Or if he shit in a bag and threw it at Judie Dench.

Enough of a hypothetical Stephen Fry going off the rails – how’s about a compilation of my Facebook profile pictures set to a great piece of music appropriate to me? OK, here you go:

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