Sunday 09 February 2014

Some things I thought about in the bath today

Well mainly I thought about how, at one point, I would have assumed someone was middle class just because they knew all the names of different kinds of cheese. This was (is) because I like to think unless someone behaves exactly like me then they must definitely not be able to belong to a group of which I am a part. Like the group of people who go to some length not to end a sentence on a preposition – even if the sentence is in a tawdry blog.

It’s a silly opinion though isn’t it? I still kind of believe it. Of course I accept there are different kinds of cheese: melted cheese, raw cheese, grated cheese and cheese slices. But as for all the types, well it’s just stuff and nonsense. Cheddar seemed a bit grand to me when I used to hear people talking about it and now there’s all kinds of cheese apparently. And soft cheeses.

Some cheese isn’t even yellow and in a square.

And this giraffe, this giraffe they killed in Denmark. I don’t know enough about international giraffe ownership and how they can be moved about zoos but this girafficide was to prevent in-breeding. OK, let’s say that’s OK.  But why cut it up live on the internet? Why have a crowd there while they chopped it up and fed it to lions?

I had earlier released my latest film.

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