Saturday 08 February 2014

The Sochi Winter Olympiad seems to have sorted. I had the misfortune of seeing some of the opening ceremony yesterday. Opening ceremonies were kind of ruined, for everyone else, by Danny Boyle. The idiot. By doing one good one has has made all the rubbish ones, eg every other opening ceremony already made or will ever be made, even more rubbish. If I hadn’t seen such riches I could live with being poor. Quite.

There is a terrific amount of talk about how great it is that competitors and teams are showing solidarity against the anti-homosexual stance of the hosts. And while I am definitely anti-anti-homosexuality and pro-pro-homosexuality part of me is getting up in the grill of a planet that allows a country equating homosexuality with paedophilia to host anything. Well, OK, they can host a little homophobic disco if they want (which they wouldn’t appreciate the irony of – especially when dancing to Elton John).

Should we have to praise people wearing the rainbow flag of the LGBT community? Well, yes. No, I mean it: we should. There is a part of your hero that wants everyone to be equal and be treated the same. I am sure there are many people who want that. But they aren’t and they aren’t so not acknowledging it tends not to make it go away.

However couldn’t we just ignore Russia? Or is this all a part of educating Russia? (There’s a series Channel 4 should be commissioning – imagine the tears around Twitter when Oleg’s homosexuality was cured by a teacher forcing him to listen to heterosexual pornography.)

Winter Olympic annoyingservations:

  • Alun Cochrane (what do you mean, who?) on Frank Skinner did a great joke about the Winter Olympics just being a variety of different ways to fall over. But it’s not is it? That’s just oversimplified the olympiad down to about four events that fit in with that shit joke. Do you remember when someone fell over by cross-country skiing and then doing some shooting?
  • Clare Balding making out that there is some criminal overlooking going on when it comes to funding sports such as snowboarding – but not acknowledging doing this while hosting a show on a channel that will ignore the sport for the next four years and carry on making fucking shit tat about singing contests and whatever that other shit is on saturday teatimes on BBC1*. While we’re on Balding – can someone please tie her to a contract please? If I could just guarantee she would only be on one channel it would be a step in the right direction.

*I don’t mean strictly, that’s OK by me.

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