Wednesday 05 February 2014

It dawned on me that I am coming up on six weeks without drinking or smoking. Except for the one day that I drank and I did smoke for about four days in the middle (including the day that I drank).

This SHATTERS all kinds of records for me. Even though it’s really just a few weeks then a few weeks. A few weeks is quite a long time. I am not saying I am Keith Flloyd (check the hip reference) but I am just a regular pissant who likes a booze. And who doesn’t?

And I have this question to ask: what have I got to show for it? NOTHING. I don’t feel better.  I sure as fucking piss don’t look better (TBF: is that possible?). I am not thinking clearer. My memory hasn’t improved. I can’t move objects with my mind. I can’t read people’s thoughts. I can’t see through walls. I can’t fly.

What exactly does come of not drinking?

I have to say I am of the mind that these homeless alcoholics may have it right after all.

It does show I have amazing willpower. Apart from the few days I smoked and the one day I drank. And that’s hogwash because I am not even trying to give up either hobby. I am just not doing them.

My friend did point out to me the main benefit of not drinking is the absence of hangovers. And he has a point. While I haven’t really felt better I have not been feeling worse for a a day or two every week.

Thinking about it doesn’t half make me want a few frosties and a tab, mind.

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