Wednesday 29 January 2014

I have spent the last week walking past a broken lamp on the stairs at work thinking that it looked like a shit real life version of the Pixar lamp.

There has to be something more to do with this thought than just have it, I thought. Then I was looking at Twitter. Everyone seemed to be posting things they thought were interesting. I spent the next couple of hours mulling the two separate things over: I had something I thought was interesting and thought there might be something more to do with it; there is a website where people share things they think are interesting.

It was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened: someone asked me why I hadn’t done any work for two hours.

That was when it hit me:  I should put the picture on Twitter! Only I didn’t have a picture. Three more hours – and four flip charts – later, I had taken a picture. And then I put the picture on Twitter.

In my excitement I worded it “for the broker’s yard”. I don’t think there is any such thing as a broker’s yard. I am sure there are brokers who have a yard. I don’t want this to be quoted out of context and be portrayed as some kind of fantasist suggesting there is no broker in the world without a yard. I simply refer to the lack of broker’s yard as an accepted phrase in the lexicon.

More haste, less speed was not an adage I paid much heed as I attempted to amend my error. For I made another mistake, one which I would not correct. Initially I had copied my original tweet, deleted it, pasted it into a new tweet and amended the broker’s yard debacle. Only, I had gone and ruddy copied my twitter handle in there.

Still this would definitely had 50 retweets had I been as famous as either of the Cheeky Girls.

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