Sunday 26 January 2014

I have seen nothing in the last month to suggest the shop across the road from my home is a naan bread shop. I also haven’t seen anyone buy a naan bread.

A key piece of information is that I have spent no more than two minutes of the last five weeks paying the shop any mind. Not smoking really cuts down on one’s snooping time.

But seriously…a naan bread shop? What next? A tea cosy shop? A pencil sharpener market? A hand sanitiser shop? You can’t have a shop that just sells one type of bread. And they only have signs for naan bread. It’s not like they’re just playing on the naan bread thing but sell chapati bread. Just naan.

It would be a lot more forgivable if there was a great pub involved.

Potential names for naan bread shop:

  • Sixpence naan the richer
  • Naan the wiser
  • Naan of your business
  • Naans on the run
  • Naan the less
  • Naan eaten
  • Naan-a Naan-a Nann-a Naan-a-Batman
  • Naan of the above.

If it is a success then spin-off businesses could include:

  • Pitta the fool
  • Pathiri of Relativity
  • Poppadom Preach
  • For richer or puri

I would prefer to believe this is a legitimate, thriving business.

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