Monday 27 January 2014

I’m not sure I have much more to add to today’s entry other than Pharrell’s hat. And how fucking amazing it is.

*It would be easy to try and put this down to a basic lack of things to say. Sincerely, though, this hat did take my breath away. I’m not sure I’ve woken up and had my breath taken away within minutes.

I can write some stuff about my day if you want – I can do that. Filler? Not a bit of it. How can you call this shit a filler? Fuck you for even suggesting this is filler.

You’re really catching a break by not reading about my day. I have spent my entire day being powerful enough to be asked to solve a problem – but now powerful enough to stop people getting in my way doing the actual solution.

When you have months and months to plan the minutiae of something you’re OK with the to-ing and fro-ing of unimportant decisions. But when you’ve left something to after the last minute and you just need to say something you really need to just cut the shit.

I guarantee that even if you started a process that involves writing some text that people will insist on going through a protracted debate where you change the words again and again and again. The meaning will not change. In fact there is a 72% chance that after 20 rewrites and edits the final text is actually the original text. Perhaps in a different font. Or with one word underlined.

And, completely randomly – nothing to do with my actual working life – that if you’re creating a document and calling it ‘frequently asked questions’ you actually include the questions that are asked the most number of times – and not questions that haven’t been asked but questions that people are able to write the answer to.

Any resemblance to etc.


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