Saturday 25 January 2014

Did you ever leave anything halfway through? Or at least before the end?

The two people sat next to us at the theatre this afternoon did one at the interval. My favourite bit about it was that they spent a while ensuring their coats and bags were safely stored under their seats while they went to the bathroom/toilet/WC/restroom – and then came back and put their cuts on and went.

For who is wearing a coat when you go to the toilet such a big issue? Well I specifically know the answer is these people – but I mean what kind of person is that an issue for. We weren’t exactly sat next to the exit. We were up some flights of stairs. And they weren’t spring chickens.

My favourite thing about Saturday afternoon theatre is the older crowd. I am less threatened and annoyed by the infirm. Plus you tend to get a better spread of perfumes, many of which are milder, less fruity. I like a nice mild perfume. Practically a soap. Best thing about old people.

The downside to this is…well a likelihood that a phone will go off and not stop. And then go off again as the person struggles to cope with stopping the phone ringing without answering it – that’s if they’ve even recognised/heard it is their phone ringing. Clearly the person at the other end of the line is petrified when they don’t get an answer and so is always going to ring back.

I’ve maybe done a dart a minute or so early from a United game to beat the rush. Ditto a gig. And I walked out of Back to The Future III but that was at a free viewing at a holiday camp when I played in a football tournament and the group I was with all did it and it was pure peer pressure (it is the worst of the trilogy for my money, mind).

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