Wednesday 22 January 2014

Who are you meant to hate reading this story? You are definitely supposed to be outraged at someone.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 23.46.15

Is this meant to make people any more outraged at Brady? For me the torture and murder of lots of children put him at a level where jumping a queue for medical treatment seems almost irrelevant.

Are we meant to be outraged at the bureaucracy of the hospital? Because I can just imagine the story if Ian Brady had been left to wait in the waiting room with children running around. And who is he jumping in the queue anyway? Miserable hypochondriacs imagining serious conditions wasting NHS resources?

“Seething NHS staff said the jailed child killer was dealt with “like royalty” and a whole ward was cleared to treat him privately.”

So says the article. Was he treated like royalty? I fucking love the NHS and I am specifically mocking this one person, who doesn’t appear to be medical staff,  and not the institution when I say this: was he shown around a new ward by the boss of the hospital? Was a plaque uncovered to commemorate his visit? Did everyone cursty and call him your highness?

Actually I’ve just phoned up to check my facts and the answer to all these questions is yes. It turns out he WAS treated like royalty.

Because someone who is definitely one of the most hated men in Britain should definitely not be separated from people.

As for those quoted as refusing to treat him…well where do you draw the line? No medical treatment for people who have killed multiple children? No treatment for people who have killed a single child? What if they have been charged but not gone to trial? What if they have been found guilty but are appealing?

I get the feeling that the ‘member of staff’ is perhaps a member of the staff in the canteen or the miniature WH Smiths that is undoubtedly in the hospital. Or a made up person. Berating doctors and nurses for treating him quickly is what is basically says. Yes, what fucking numpties wanting to get the horrible child murderer out of their hospital so they can concentrate on doing their job and not have to be distracted by bullshit.

I don’t think they were all sat around having their pictures with Brady so they could put them on Instagram.

In summary this story made me angry and frustrated with The Mirror.

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