Tuesday 21 January 2014

This week is going a bit weird at work. It shouldn’t necessarily be a particularly slow week. But  it is. And it isn’t.

It seems like a lot of people are having a week off but they all seem to be occasionally showing up – thus not having a week off. Like when Robbie Williams did a cameo in Eastenders. It’s hard to explain – which us why I’m just talking utter fucking shit instead.

Even the phones don’t seem to concerned. My phone stopped ringing after a couple of rings today and just started doodling on a notepad on my desk. I nudged it and it started ringing again. To be fair, I checked the doodle and it had been writing ‘ring ring’ in the bubble writing you write things in when you’re about 14.3 years old.

An email just fell off my screen this afternoon. Have you ever tried to pick an email up? I had to use one of those big shovels they use for pizza.

You can’t even report the weirdness as the challenging financial climate has led to out IT service desk be replaced by some wild flowers.

I tried going old fashioned by using good old pen and paper. Which worked intermittently but the pen just flickered between being a pen and being the thing you play a violin with.

Pretty sure some of my team were played by actors today as well. Don’t get me wrong, very very good actors. Very believable. Just every now and then the accents would slip or you could tell someone was a child on another child’s shoulder.

Let’s hope things are back to normal tomorrow.

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