Wenesday 15 January 2014

Casualty had less children with pans on their head than The Beano had led me to expect.

Why am I in the emergency department of a hospital? OK. I might have become worked up about some pain and ended up getting very concerned about my health. Is that not clear? I felt some pain in my chest so have been convinced I was going to have a heart attack for three days. Unless you have never convinced yourself that you are going to have a heart attack until the stage you go to the emergency department at a hospital then I really don’t think you are in a position to judge me.

And back to looking down my nose at people so I can reassure myself that I’m not as bad as everyone else: it’s amazing how many people, when waiting in a casualty department, won’t stand up when a nurse/doctor calls out there name but pronounced a little oddly or slightly mistakenly. The odds are probably that they mean you if there’s a name that’s basically yours. Especially if they say the first or second name right and that matches.

It did make me wonder if the staff at hospitals do get some special training at pronunciation. Because not all the names I heard were straightforward. They were – how do racist people say non-white British? – not traditionally Anglo-Saxon names.

I guess I could be more judgemental about some of the people waiting there but I waited for four hours to waste the time of a doctor to tell me I wasn’t having a heart attack – I think the phrase “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” could be used here.

*This actually happened yesterday, Tuesday. See how stressed I am right now? I can’t even get the days for blogs right.


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