Tuesday 14 January 2013

Did I mention that I am in love with Borgen?

I think you should join me and Borgen in a big orgy of loving a TV show. Suppose it’s not really an orgy if everyone is just loving the one thing…actually let’s call a sudden halt to this whole metaphor because it’s going in a distinctly Jodie Foster/The Accused direction.

So rather than a weird group sex metaphor allow me to be more literal: Watch Borgen and then join me in really liking it.

The Prime Minister whom the show revolves is acted brilliantly by Sidse Babbett Knudsen. She portrays a wife and mother thrust into the most important job in Denmark with layers that I was almost surprised by being able to comprehend while watching a subtitled show. Which suggests that (a) I am thicker than I actually am, and (b) I haven’t been amazed by the performance of someone in a foreign language film before.

Basically she is very good at crying on camera.

She is very beautiful isn’t she? I don’t love her. You lover her.

I am proud to say one of my major debates since starting to watch the show is which of the two female leads is more attractive. I don’t think that means I can’t be a feminist. I am not saying the looks of these women is the only thing that counts. Just that they look pretty fucking good. Oh I’m sorry, am I not allowed to think women are equal to men AND find some women beautiful?

It’s a good job I am not getting overly defensive about something that no-one has challenged me on remotely, thus kind of the opposite of what I am suggesting is the case.

Speaking of sexism I read an interview with Knudsen the other day and she was saying it was odd to her when she spoke to British journalists because they spoke to her of Danish drama having such great roles for women. She found this baffling that they would think this based on three or four dramas from all of Scandinavia having decent roles for women. Her point was that women in Scandinavian dramas were most likely not to be strong and well-written.

I don’t know what my point is with that last paragraph really. I think it is something to do with ‘the grass is always greener’ or something.

Just watch Borgen.

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