Sunday 12 January 2014

Sherlock has become so meta that the television critics are reviewing both the writers’ reactions to fan feedback and how the wishes of the fans are having a derogatory effect on the show itself.

A quick look at comments on tonight’s finale suggests that some people shouldn’t have a view on things: certainly not one that would feed back into any creativity.

One comment says, “Best moment, was Christmas at home with Benedicts real parents. and the boys being put in their places by mummy while all dad wants is a quiet time. Gosh so true in our house every bloody year!”

If the best moment of a show involves the lead character’s main, well, character completely nullified by the characters of his parents being played by the he actor’s real parents then what happened?

Maybe this guy is just a fan of subservience being portrayed and was forced to watch this TV show about this show off crime solver – only to be rewarded when said sleuth was momentarily told to stop being a silly boy by his mum (his real mum!).

I have felt a little let down by this series of Sherlock, truth be told. There has been some magnificent moments for the actors which were beautifully written. But the deduction powered crime solving has seemed very much secondary. And I know there is lots of fun to be had with the characters but when you sacrifice the point of the show then you risk ruining the show. Unless everyone just wants to see the characters have heat larks and not really do anything, which DOES seem to be enough for many. So.

And – er SPOILER ALERT much – not having Moriarty being dead is just a bit wank. If death is going to be such a temporary state in Sherlock then it’s going to lose all suspense in future episodes. They can do good episodes without someone dying so why have to have it as the crux of so many episodes? Selling themselves short as writers if you ask me, which, as ever, no-one did.

This series missed out on chances for great story opportunities for the repetitive elements, that were still at times very enjoyable. Sherlock coming back to London and being out of the loop: brushed over, Watson being tougher to forgive Sherlock, Sherlock being lonely…

For the next series I would just go for three more traditional stories. There could still be an overall narrative arc. Why not have a rival sleuth beating him to solving a big mystery? A sidekick to rival Watson that makes Watson jealous? Or you could just bring someone back from the dead/doing stuff from beyond the grave.

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