Monday 13 January 2014

Pretty sure I had a go at the concept of dryathalon last January.

This year I am just having a go at the notion of sponsoring people. Certainly sponsoring people not to do things. I haven’t done heroin for 35 years – please give £20 to any charity you want.

But, no, this year I am not going to sponsor people. I will give some monies to charity but I won’t do it by sponsoring people. People have got far too uninvolved in gratitude. Oh, I’m sorry you did a little run or DIDN’T drink for a few hours and you don’t even thank me for paying towards your sense of achievement. If you think the charity is so deserving give them your fucking money. You Bono-fuck.

Last year I sponsored several people to do things. Do you get a proper thanks? Do you fuck. An automated email from the donation website? Thanks a fucking bunch for that gratitude. People at least used to ask people and thank people. Now it’s set up a donation page in ten minutes and whack it on Facebook, please validate me doing something that is probably good for me anyway*.

I’d accept the lack of the personal touch from some celebrity or someone getting donations from like a million people. I’m talking about giving a generous amount to people who’ve had about seven other donations. [Yes, I have thought that it might be me – and it probably is. If so aren’t these people really something special? Not thanking me because they don’t like me?]

I shall continue to give money to charity just not as part of the sponsorship gravy train. Blame the people who think they’re above thanks if I don’t sponsor you.

*It’s normally not drinking for a few weeks, running 10K or growing a moustache. Admittedly only the latter is not-not-good for people/twattish.

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