Friday 10 January 2014

I spent a lot of today trying to find out why something that is possible can’t be done. I do enjoy my work some days.

The thing is actually being done in an old fashioned, time-consuming way by other people. I just want to do it in a modern, efficient way. But I have to get the agreement of lots of people who do not care what I am doing. However they only don’t care to the extent where they will try and prevent me doing it.

Is this everyone’s job? I don’t think firemen have to some market research to prove to someone that people – sorry, customers want fires putting out. “Can you answer a few questions for me, please? I’m calling from the fire brigade and we’re just wondering what people want from us when their house is on fire? Are you very likely, likely, not bothered, unlikely or very unlikely to want us to extinguish the fire completely?”

Because it seems like a lot of people who aren’t me and do a different job also experience this. There must be another lot of people whose job is to make bad decisions with no rationale and prevent people with rationale and good decisions from being able to do things well. And they are the ones who earn more money.

Bitter much?

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