Wednesday 08 January 2014

I am in a training meeting with a bunch of strangers in a foreign (the South!) office. I am pretty tired as I didn’t get much sleep. I think we all know what that means eh? Working away, overnight stay at a hotel the night before…we all know what goes on.

And I am ashamed to admit that I did fall prey to the most predictable and stereotypical things a man can get up to in a hotel room. That’s right after an evening of not drinking I went back to my room and because my left arm was aching a little bit I became convinced that I was going to have a heart attack.

I was all ready for an early night. Looking forward to be awake bright and early, even doing some proper work before going to the training. And by getting in bed at 11pm the plan was on.

Still without sleep at 1AM I was googling ‘symptoms of a heart attack’. My professional diagnosis had to be that I was not suffering – or at immediate risk of  – a heart attack. I was basing this on what the internet said. However, a voice in my head did point out that I was not a Doctor and so I couldn’t trust my judgement that I was not having a heart attack.

The only sensible course of action was to remain awake and check I didn’t have a heart attack in my sleep. Sensible. Only. Course. Action.

And now I was very tired. On the plus side I had now seen an extra three episodes of Borgen. Why did no-one say this was so good? Haha, that is funny. I am acting like the quality of Borgen is ubiquitous because 6 people who write the television columns for broadsheet newspapers really like it. Haha.

I was so tired that I couldn’t even be bothered telling people they were being idiots for having a go at Apple. Usual tosh was trotted out about people paying more for the kudos and that they could get things just as good for less. Well duuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am paying for the kudos you idiot. I don’t even use computers and tablets. I just leave them in a box in the spare room until their value has decreased somewhat and then sell them when I pay over the odds for my next Apple product. Who’s the idiot now?

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