Thursday 09 January 2014

There’s a lot to be said about the increasing lead in time to consumer based religious festivals. Some people may moan about the consumerisation of Easter being disrespectful to Jesus but is it any more disrespectful than nailing him to two big pieces of wood?

Over-commercialisation is the modern day version of crucifixion. Therefore Cadbury et al are merely celebrating Jesus. Or something.

But what is better than nailing a man to a cross? That’s right today I was delighted to receive the first Galax Caramel Mini Eggs of Easter 2014. They really are the perfect size and shape for caramel. And because they are not available 12 months a year AND they are slightly differently shaped, Galaxy are able to make people pay more for the same amount of chocolate and caramel.

Though, as stated, the caramel does taste better at this size. The only caramel that can compete is the caramel in caramel kegs in Cadbury’s Roses and the caramel in Cadbury Caramel Cake Bars. But neither are quite up there.

I know you will all be pretty stoked to know the packaging has changed. It has changed from this:


to this:


What you think? I’m finding it hard to judge. I am so delighted that the GCMEs are back that I think I am being overly OK about the new branding. I know that I prefer the old packaging. But there is a part of me saying: it is just the packaging of some seasonal chocolate, get over it. I know that part of me is just being OTT and mental. There is too much yellow, it needs to be less like Cadbury caramel products – not more like them.

Of course it is a big deal and in a few days this is going to hit me like a ton of bricks.

Or a ton of feathers you’d say. I don’t care what consensus says, I am fed up with this eco-friendly bullshit. A ton of bricks is definitely heavier than a ton of feathers. Have you seen a feather? Have you seen a brick? I rest my case.

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