Sunday 05 January 2014

Now, now, now. I might be going to suggest that the new series of Sherlock could be a bit better. Pick up the pieces of whatever you have dropped and let me explain.

But first let me say that I really enjoyed having him (them) back on Wednesday and I mainly really enjoyed tonight’s second episode.

So, what’s my beef? Well not that much has happened has it? And we’ve now had two-thirds of the series. And who knows if we will have to wait two years before the next lot. If we get any more at all.

When you’ve only had six episodes ever to spend the next two showing you something you kind of already know…I just think there was other stuff that could have been done. Couldn’t they have made Sherlock have to work a bit harder for forgiveness from Watson?

Andrew Ellard explained the faults with the opener far better than I could. He’s very good at it. [View the story “Tweetnotes: Sherlock – The Empty Hearse” on Storify]

There wasn’t much of a mystery there, it is safe to say. At least this week there were a couple of cases. But they were very much secondary to the main event: the continuing love-in of Holmes and Watson. Oh, and there was a wedding. So given that next week is a finale and will undoubtedly have some element of definitive tragedy or cliffhanger we will probably be denied a flat out Holmes-solves-case episode.

No denying the sheer joy of watching Cumberbatch and Freeman in action together. It seems to be the fashion to talk about how superb the underrated* Martin Freeman is. But it’s all about Cummerband really. Come on, he’s brilliant.  Tonight we get to see him drunk! We get to see him flirt with a woman seemingly for the enjoyment (rather than to show how clever he is/as some part of an apology for being mean)! We get to see him be honest about his love for Watson in front of a room full of people.

Did we get much out of the episode, though? Yes, Watson now has lots to lose: he is married and apparently expecting a child with his new wife. You can achieve this development with about 88 minutes to spare. We all enjoyed the vocalisation of the affection Holmes and Watson have for each other…but was it much of a development?

My issue with last week was that there was meant to be all this hostility about Holmes’ return. And in interviews everyone had been talking up about his struggle to get to terms with a changed London. But that wasn’t in the episode. Admittedly I did wonder how much a genius would struggle with a city that has changed a little bit.

It all seems to be setting up for something rubbish happening to someone we like in the third and final episode. Everyone is too happy. You know what they should do to really give people a shock? Just have a really good episode next week. Nothing bad happens. No-one dies. There is no cliffhanger. It’s just brilliant.

They also have had him and Mycroft getting on well. And his parents got seen last time and mentioned again this week. And he’s been nice to Molly. Something is afoot.

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