Thursday 02 January 2014

Celebrities on quiz shows seem to make the shows more annoying. Much like normal people trying to share their life details (LOLZ!*), I mean on TV & radio shows. And I mean when they aren’t interesting and eloquent. Like what I is.

I got home from work to see the end of Pointless. The show itself is losing its shine for me. Too much time spent NOT asking/answering questions. But I can still abide it.

It had been a Blue Peter presenter special. I didn’t see who all the contestants were but it was Tim Vincent and Anthea Turner who were through to the final so I have to assume it was mainly the dogs and plants from the garden who competed the earlier rounds.

I can’t remember the precise categories for the final round but one of them was something to do with The Queen. For the sake of not having an example let’s say it was ‘The Queen’s Grandchildren.’ If you haven’t seen Pointless they have a minute to discuss what three answers they are going to submit at the end in their attempt to supply an answer that is both correct yet wasn’t offered by the public who were asked the same question. (It really is that simple!)

Tim Vincent spent most of the minute saying variations of: “Do you think The Queen refers to the current queen?” And when I say variations let’s not imagine a round of Whose Line Is It Anyway? in fact let’s not even imagine Tim Vincent saying different things, he just said that a few times. Anthea mainly ignored him.

They did not win.

Later on it was not the celebrity but the quiz master who was the annoyance. One of Rizzle Kicks, Jordan, chose Ross Geller as his specialist subject on Celebrity Mastermind. When John Humphrys read out the first question it begins with “Ross is a character from the American sitcom Friends…”

It might not be the longest description ever but when you’re only getting 90 seconds on your chosen specialist subject…’s some seconds wasted. You have to think someone who has chosen The Life and Times of Ross Geller as his specialist subject doesn’t need the question to describe, or specify, Ross Geller.

Neither does the viewer really. Nor do we need to clarify we are the AMERICAN sitcom Friends. Ah that one.

The Porsche 911 wasn’t described in the first question for Dr Mark Porter (no relation to Harry). And unlike Friends there is another 911 for the car to be confused with. But, no, Humph is happy to let common sense prevail when talking about a luxury car. It’s a disgrace the discrimination Friends is subjected to on an almost constant basis by hosts of Celebrity Masterminds.

*I’m not explaining irony for you. If you don’t see it then don’t worry, it will be alright.

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