Friday 03 January 2014


I am basing this on not much. But isn’t there something better scientists could be doing with their time? Let’s accept that not everyone has the skills or expertise to be curing cancer. There’s loads more stuff that needs inventing/discovering before we need to know that dogs shit in alignment with the magnetic poles.

And what’s more if we’re going to publish it as a paper and then make it a news story then someone at some stage should be able to think of something interesting to back up why they were doing this.

The authors caution that more research is needed — in part because ‘normal’ magnetic conditions occurred only in 30% of the cases studied for this work.

If they do indeed sense magnetic fields, why do dogs feel the need to point north-south when they do their business? The authors don’t know yet, Begall said.

Ah. So it only happens in 30% of the cases studied. And you don’t know why. And no-one has even started on the very real possibility that knowing why will not make any difference to life as we know it. You know, it’s not like there are all those people on the ledges of tall buildings right now wondering why less than a third of dogs are aligned with the magnetic poles when defecating.

There SEEMS to be something more than coincidence here. And, admittedly, there are religions based on less proof. But this doesn’t feel like much of a discovery to me.

There will be egg on my face in a few years when the cures for all diseases are available and there is a direct line from this dog shit magnetic pole alignment discovery to the cures.

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