Monday 30 January 201

Do you know why there are very few films or TV episodes (of a series) where someone has a hangover? Because it’s boring having a hangover. The Hangover and to a much, no exceedingly reduced extent, The Hangover II and Hangover III, lied to everyone. Admittedly all the comedy (or just things in parts II and III) just happens when they have a hangover, not because they have a hangover.

I’m getting bogged down in this. My point is having a hangover is dull. And three successful films about having a hangover don’t make this less true. Even if two of them are pretty shit and not really enjoyable.

I could prove this by listing what I did today with a hangover. I watched four films.  And two of them were Alpha Papa*.

Pacific Rim is quite good. You have to have the right approach to be able to say this. You also have to quite like the idea of a film that is a bit like Godzilla having a fight with Ripley from the end of Aliens. I quite like that. It sounds quite good to me. I would probably say that that scale would be an issue: Ripley is in a machine that makes her a somewhat larger obstacle but she would still struggle against a big monster that can push down large buildings. Well, I would be able to reply now (having seen it), don’t worry about that. They took care of it.

The Internship is not quite good. It’s so mediocre that it is actually less enjoyable than it is. That’s pretty poor, when a film isn’t even as enjoyable as its own self. It’s like two actors who did some pretty good films together about ten years ago stopped being in good films but because people will pay money to see people in films that were in good films ten years ago they carry on getting films made.

Owen Wilson nearly died, you’d think that might have reinvigorated his art. HE FUCKING CO-WROTE RUSHMORE, the greatest film ever made. And now he all he does is play the kooky guy who the slightly serious woman doesn’t take seriously – until she realises that behind this aloof handsome man is a man with something more than there appears to be (even though it will not necessarily be made clear what this is). Get a grip Wilson.

Vince Vaughan is also poor – but he once slept with a friend of  a former partner and then used his belly-button as his ashtray and then ignored the girl until she got dressed and left. So he’s pretty much OK with me.

If you didn’t make the connection: they were the other two films I watched that weren’t Alpha Papa.

*once with the commentary on – I’m not some kind of loser who watches the same film on the same day. I am the kind of loser who watches a film and in the same day watches it again with people involved in making it saying why they did certain things in the film, what the original screenplay had happening at the point when something in the final film happened, or how great the experience making the films was.

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