Saturday 28 December 2013

I meant to do a blog about watching a Christmas church service and it all being about one man who we were all there to celebrate and who had given his life for everyone else. The joke was that I was dismayed to find out that the man they were talking about was Jesus and I had thought it was Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises that they were talking about. It’s a brilliant joke though isn’t it?

I mean what’s particularly clever is that it thinks it is quite clever to make that connection between a comic and the basis for Christianity. But the whole end of The Dark Knight Rises is…sorry, er SPOILER ALERT, a christ allegory so it’s not really clever at all.

Speaking of anti-semitic stuff….come on, he was king of the Jews and they nailed him to a cross. How is that not anti-semitic? French football Nicolas Anelka celebrated a goal today by doing this new fangled French anti-Zion salute called the quenelle. The gesture is a complex little mix of signs for people to imbue with meaning.

Some say it is not against Jewish people, that it is an anti-authority thing. However my brief reading up on the matter says it is becoming popular for French people to do it and be pictured in distinctly Jewish places. Outside a synagogue, this could not necessarily be be something in isolation. Auschwitz though? Holocaust memorials? Yeah seems a bit of an evil thing. And I have read, I say read – scanned, two or three articles about it now. So, I am probably a leading expert. I should definitely writing about something I know this much about with any kind of strong opinion.


I have just become Flipagram-aware. Unsurprisingly my first project has been an exercise in vanity that would suggest I was at least 34% more handsome. Admittedly I would then be 133% handsome. But you can’t settle in this life.

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