Wednesday 18 December 2013

Being in work in December has led to far more drinking than the last two Decembers when I have had most of the month off work. Tonight was a another few drinks where I would just go out for a bit and be home early – I was taking my partner on her surprise birthday trip so I didn’t want to be in a hungover grouch.

It was about half past ten when we got on to child killers. I suppose this is quite late in the evening for this to crop up when the three people out are someone expecting a baby in five or six weeks, a parent of a baby and someone with a baby and a toddler. I didn’t realise this kind of conversation was something that would come up when I was a prospective parent.

My friend Ben did have a very good point, though. Myra is a nice name. If that woman has ruined one thing it is the use of the name Myra being OK.

How long does a name stay ‘out of bounds’? I’m not going to say the name that we all know is out of bounds – he gets far too much of a mention in these blogs. But surely there have been pure evils in the past whose name has been OK. Also some of them (names) are so ubiquitous that they are beyond being pulled. For example, Jack the Ripper did little to halt the Jack forename. And if we go modern day, but stick with rippers then Mr Sutcliffe did little to prevent further Peters.

There must be a cut-off point for the time elapsed and the popularity of the name having an effect on the uptake of the name. This is the kind of thing people should be doing dissertations on.

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