Thursday 19 December 2013

My new iPad has already paid for itself: I watch Gangster Squad on the train to Oxford. Gangster Squad is OK. It’s kind of The Untouchables on steroids. Sean Penn is a bit beyond criticism these days but I don’t like him so much anymore. His face is too muscly. Admittedly it is perfect for the ball of rage he plays in this film. But he kind of reminds me of De Niro in the remake of Cape Fear.

So, that’s Sean Penn as De Niro in Cape Fear in The Untouchables on steroids. And I have the nerve to criticise the limited imagination of people who have to describe art in terms of other art. Pop will eat itself. Or something.

A few things that turned me off about the film:

  • Emma Stone. I really like Emma Stone. It’s more the casting of Emma Stone. Or the problem of Hollywood that a lot of female actors are put out to pasture at 25 (or look 25 anyway). She just doesn’t feel right in this film. Maybe it’s because Sean Penn looks about 60 and it feels a bit icky.
  • Nick Nolte. He has become a caricature of what I imagine Nick Nolte looks and sounds like. Which is a crackhead with a voice rougher than Toxteth.
  • It knows it is a ramped up version of The Untouchables.  It even has a geeky type who doesn’t mind shooting people up to get a job done. It’s like it’s trying to be a film that isn’t even that old. And as OK as it is – can you be very OK? – it is not the untouchables.

I will later take my partner to Jamie’s Italian in Oxford for her birthday. It wasn’t the reason to go to Oxford I may add, that would be odd when there is one about 25 minutes walk from our home.

I am not a food type and I only have the steak (ribeye natch) – and it is also so stupidly obvious that it shouldn’t be something someone should say – but the food is fucking good at a restaurant that is more good than average isn’t it? I LITERALLY liked the food I ate. And I didn’t even mind that it was served on a breadboard and that the chips were in a cup.

I like it so much that I take a photo of it and put it on the social media site Instagram, which I believe to be the fashion.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 22.19.13

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